Membership application forms are available from the Club. Each applicant must be proposed and seconded by current members. The application form will be displayed for all members to view. Please note, all membership fees are due to be paid prior to the first pennant match each season.

Membership Categories

Full Membership – $240 (includes Bowls SA capitation fee)

Entitles the member to play pennants, enter club championship events, hold positions of office and vote at all Club meetings.

Restricted Membership – $50

A restricted member, who is not registered with Bowls SA as a Tranmere Full member, but may, or may not be registered with another Club, is entitled to the following:

– They can roll up and/or practice at any time providing rinks are available providing the greens are not in use for Tranmere pennant matches, organised tournaments and organised practice sessions.
– Restricted members cannot hold office or vote at any Club meetings.

Social Membership – $25

This category is for prospective members who do not play bowls, but would like to be part of the Club. Social members cannot hold office or vote at Club meetings.

First Year Full Member – $150

A first year NEW member (i.e. has not been a member in the last 5 years) receives a discounted fee and 1 free pennant shirt.